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I know that most of you know who I am because we’ve connected through video or tele-classes. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Bonnie Liotta. I’ve had massive success in my life as an award winning and record breaking business coach and leader, as a highly sought after inspirational speaker and now, as the co-author of Learn to Speak Kid and the visionary for Creating Champions For Life. 

My biggest success though has nothing to do with business building and everything to do with the fact that I helped three of my children overcome the symptoms of ADHD and ODD, and helped my other daughter develop confidence and inner happiness so all four of my children can now live a normal, happy and success filled life full of laughter, love and joy. 

My husband, Thomas, who you’ll meet very soon, and I are now helping families all over the globe do the same thing! 
I’m extremely excited to share my amazing testimony with you. Before I do, let’s see if you’re a true believer that it’s even possible. If you answer yes to the following question, you have complete power so stick with us. We’re going somewhere! 

If your answer is no, then there is no hope for your child at this time, and you might as well just stop the video and the entire process right now. You’re wasting your time. 

Here’s the question: Can you see that if your child is able to sit and play a video game or sit and eat a big bowl of ice cream — even just one time — they do have the ability to focus? 

Look, if your child has ever changed their posture upon getting busted for something as an effort to avoid punishment — even one time — then they have the ability to think and apply self-control.

See what I mean?

That’s why we know with absolute certainty, meaning I’d stake my life on it, that your child has massive potential and you have 100% power to execute the change and bring your child’s potential to the surface. 

Isn’t that so exciting? 

I think so!!! 

Look what happened with a few other families raising special needs kids. Each child spoken of was either being assessed for ADHD or diagnosed with ADHD and some also with ODD like my son was, and was being offered medication. 

When these families began their journey with us, we helped them to develop a master family plan and to truly learn how to motivate their special needs child to engage in the learning process, bringing much more joy and laughter to their families and releasing their child’s special needs label altogether! 

Carrie Jannazo FL, USA
"This isn't a "mini victory," this is a HUGE victory! My husband and I just met with our son's first grade teacher and assistant principal! They recommend that we completely DISMISS his FBA (Functional Behavior Assessment) at this time! Our son has made SIGNIFICANT progress this year and his behaviors have improved DRASTICALLY! The FBA is not reflective of his current level!

What a fantastic conference! I could not wait to tell all of you! Tears of JOY today! Thank YOU, Thomas Liotta and Bonnie Liotta, for all you do and for making us believe in our son!
"I just experienced nearly my “perfect” evening. The kids were cooperative. I enjoyed cooking. The kids ate average amount of dinner, did their homework peacefully, and took their baths with a sense of calm. It appears everyone will even go to bed on time!" 
Melissa Anderson
Lisa Nichol NY, USA
"Umm…what is going on in my house lately? I feel like I'm in some sort of dream! 😊 I say it’s bedtime and my son turns off his game without me asking. Then he goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth, to his room to put on his pyjamas and then crawls right into bed. This mama has one big smile!"
I used a question rather than a demand/request and it worked! On the dock I asked my son, "AJ, what about you looks different from all the other kids right now?" He looked around and answered, "They all have life jackets on." So, he got up and put one on. It was awesome! I was high-fiving myself in my head. Thanks for this simple tool.
Amy Posner Wolff — Richmond WA
Look, right now I’m not going to make you any promises, but would you like to at least have the opportunity for your child to become Creating Champions For Life’s next success story? 

Don’t worry, we understand the principle of giving! We want you to be certain we’re the right people to help you and your child. So, before we ask you to participate in one of our coaching or support programs, we want to invest in you and your family first! 

We’re positive that if you simply take your first step in mastering your white belt level in proactive parenting, your life will joyfully transform — whether you continue to black belt or not! 

It’s okay that you don’t understand everything right this second. You’re not supposed to. 

After you are in the know, if you’re one of the thousands of families who’ve joined us to work your way to becoming a black belt parent with us and get involved in our community…awesome!!! 

You’ll have the benefit of a joy filled and peaceful life with close relationships with your happy, healthy and successful kids and grandkids! 

If you choose to remain a white belt…awesome!!! We’ll love you anyways, and just like how I never went to yellow belt when I joined a Taekwondo class but still learned enough to help me with my workouts, you’ll learn enough to change the course and direction of your life as a parent. 

I mean, even to this day I remember the horse stance while front punching for upper body cardio and that was more than 25 years ago! 

Obviously, the choice to invest in us will be 100% up to you! 

We know we can’t force you to truly engage with this or to study hard so you can really enjoy your children and all that’s possible for you guys. 

We can only help you if you’re willing to work for your desires! If you are…we can definitely promise that what you’ve been praying for when it comes to your children and your family is being answered right now!

And it’s better than you could have imagined!

Before today, chances are that your only hope was getting the right dosage of medication for your child so he or she can remain calm and have the ability to focus. So, although skepticism is understandable, don’t be so skeptical that you miss the truth! 

Genesis 1:27 - So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.
This tells me that the truth is that God doesn’t make sick kids! I know, as a Christian woman, you can feel in your heart that this is true. Yes? 

Families usually invest hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for coaching to learn what we’re about to share with you for FREE. This offer is not going to be available to you forever. But, it is right now! 

I get how busy your life is, so don’t even waste your time enrolling unless you plan on devoting daily attention to becoming a more empowering parent for the next seven days.

What does that mean? 

  •  Show up.
  •  Set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes (whatever you have time for).
  •  Click on your email from me.
  •  Follow the step-by-step process I have already laid out for you. 

You’ll be excited about your daily email if there’s any part of you that would like to:
  •  Help your child become more happy, healthy and successful. 
  •  Create a positive and empowering environment for your children and family.
  •  Know what motivates your child to listen to you — the first time you ask. 
  •  Enjoy your life as a parent more. 
  •  Enjoy more laughter and fun with your children.
By the time you complete the 7 Day White Belt Parenting Challenge, you’ll be just as positive that your child is a normal, healthy child who’s simply missing some imperative life skills as I am. 

Not because I’m telling you it’s true. But, because you’ll have examples and testimonies of your own in the first week, maybe even your first day! 

Please, enjoy this free introductory series: 7 Day White Belt Parenting Challenge. 

Choose to participate now and we’ll send you a few bonuses too:
  •  A video with specific tips to improve your success rate - $49 value.
  •  Webinar Presentation: ADHD and ODD awareness and positive solutions that shares all 12 of our life-changing principles.
  •  A special VIP invite to our next live Q & A with Thomas Liotta, which is just like a 1-on-1 coaching session - $500 value. 
As soon as you register we’ll send your introductory email, so you can dig right in and begin your journey to loving, guiding, respectful and proactive parenting with Creating Champions For Life. 

Just like your daily workout, don’t think — Just Do It! Click the button below this video now and get ready to become the happiest, most joy filled mom you know! 

Just enter your name and email address before clicking the orange
button and you'll be registered for the White Belt Parenting Challenge!
Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.
Don’t go thinking this is just another parenting deal offering wishy-washy advice that you’ve heard over and over.

Thomas Liotta is a master martial arts trainer who developed an award winning after-school program that was focused on proactive plans called Creating Champions For Life. 

When I saw Thomas apply his strategies while interacting with my then diagnosed ADHD and ODD kids with instant positive results, I knew he had applied God’s laws into his theories. Of course, it was completely by accident! 

Since watching my kids transform from strong-willed ADHD kids to incredible, outstanding, champion kids, Thomas and I have combined our expertise to incorporate God’s Law into a new to you parenting philosophy. And, we’re giving you the complete plan to help you parent your child in a manner that will create more harmony, love, happiness, peace, cooperation, gratitude and joy! 

We’re going to unveil timeless parenting and leadership truths…
Join us for the 7 Day White Belt Parenting Challenge and you’ll learn how to:
  • get laser sharp on your master family plan so there are no panic surprises and frustration 
  •  speak to your child so he/she engages and listens to what you have to say 
  •  authentically motivate your child to complete chores and homework, happily 
  •  use precise words, phrases and strategies that empower your child’s confidence as you teach them
  •  teach your child life skills in the most effective manner possible which you’ve NEVER seen anywhere else  
  •  create a peaceful, harmonious and fun home environment 
  •  engage with CCFL's eleven other principles!
Learn all of this…and much, much more on your empowering and life-changing journey with Creating Champions For Life…
Just enter your name and email address before clicking the orange 
button and you'll be registered for the White Belt Parenting Challenge!
What Our Clients Say...
"I just have to give a shout out to my son. We are finally go to school a full day instead of two hours a day. Yesterday he got really frustrated at school. Instead of screaming and throwing things at his peer, he went and sat on the other side until he was able to calm down. Setting goals at school are working great."

Chris and Tina Cudd
25 April · Abilene, TX, United States
"I'm so proud and all the work! Following the LTSK program consistently is really starting to show. He's earned all his Pokemon at school this week so far, which means he hasn't refused to do work at all. He's been doing so good at home too and has been learning to express himself and his problems so much more, rather than just acting out."
Lisa Nicholl
New York, USA
"I finally slept last night. My son is helping around the home so much and is feeling empowered. He's working hard to earn something he wants. He tells me most of the time what he should do."
Chelsea B. Merkley
27 May · South Jordan, UT, United States
"I used a question rather than a demand/request and it worked! 
On the dock I asked, "AJ, what about you looks different from all the other kids right now?" He looked around and said, "They all have life jackets on." So, he got up and put one one. It was awesome! I was high five'n myself in my head. Thanks, Bonnie and Thomas, for this simple tool!"
Amy Posner Wolff
29 May - Redmond WA
Bonnie and Thomas Liotta have a combined experience of forty plus years in child and adult personal development including two child development degrees, an award winning after-school program, and their record-breaking business leadership. They’re best known for helping busy, frustrated parents and educators redefine child rearing in a way that empowers families with happy, healthy, confident, helpful and grateful kids! They reside in Salmo, BC, Canada, with their two youngest incredible ADHD success stories and three loving fur babies! 
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