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CCFL Success Stories
My 6 year old son is feeling more positive about himself and practicing life skills with more confidence and less tantrums. The family therapist and child psychologist were of little or no help compared to Thomas & Bonnie Liotta's book, Learn to Speak Kid. My son is going back to school after a year of refusal. He’s feeling better about his home environment and feeling more confident about himself. Thank you! Terry Bottari  
Excellent course that is life changing. Tammy Birr  

I'm starting to see the whole picture of our family dynamic. I realized I was in a rut of being a nag some times, and acting like an arguing sibling other times (losing respect). You can have the same child in the same situation and have two completely different results just based on the parent’s choice of words and tone of voice. I was having a hard time seeing this before this course - I only knew what I was doing wasn't working. Yet, I felt completely in the right to parent the way I was parenting. It was loving but somehow still ineffective. The CCFL way is loving and also direct, not convoluted. It empowers all parties with lifelong learning - it's like the difference between treating a symptom with drugs and healing the root of the problem. I'm thrilled! I have a 6 year old boy and would still take this course even if he was 17!  ~ Wendy Snodgrass ~

Dear Bonnie and Tom, Thank you for everything. What a difference this course has made in our lives and with our two boys, 15 and 6.5 years old.

I come from a very academic background in Psychology treating children, youth and families. I can honestly say that I challenged EVERYTHING that I have learned in school and practiced all these years. How we are taught to train or teach children has been very negative and when you are schooled this way, you bring negativity into your own family! 

The language you have brought us is so simple and makes such a huge difference in the way a child responds. I am a 100% supporter of this philosophy and program. We are so in need of this philosophy. So many parents are medicated their allegedly "ADHD children" here in Oakville. It’s horrible!!! Tania Atkin
By far the most AMAZING, life changing, easy to follow book and program I have ever come across for parenting. This has truly inspired our life. I cannot express my gratitude enough! These parenting experts are the kid whisperers!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Tara Hoff
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