Transform a chaotic, frustrating and exhausting 
parenting experience into harmony, peace and love  
raising Healthy, Happy, Cooperative kids! 
Do you ever ask yourself:
  •  Why is my child so angry when I know he’s loved massively?
  •  Why won’t my kids just listen to me?
  •  How did my child become so disruptive? 
  •  Why doesn't my child care about anything? 
  •  Is medication really the answer to help my child succeed in school?
  •  What can I do to help my child like him or herself better?
You’ll learn:
  •  the root cause for all child mental disorders like ADHD, ODD, anxiety, Asperger’s syndrome and depression so you can avoid or remove your child from the spectrum
  •  how to transform your child’s anger and daily temper tantrums to understanding and cooperation
  •  how to authentically empower and inspire your children to do their chores, homework and follow your directions — happily
  •  how to lovingly and effectively guide your child's behavior so you can have more fun and laughter with respectful, grateful and cooperative kids!
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This brand new MUST-READ Amazon bestselling book Raising Happy, Healthy, Cooperative Kids offers a perfect balance between the history of parenting and hope! 

By the time you’re finished reading this short, effective and empowering ebook, you’ll know the true potential of your child and what you can do to lovingly guide your child to more self-confidence, gratitude, joy, and mental well-being. 

We know you'd love to have closer relationships experiencing more fun and laughter with your children. Now, you’ll finally have the answers you’ve been praying for so you can make it happen, no matter what you or your child is dealing with today! 
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