About Bonnie & Thomas Liotta
Bonnie Liotta has been called an Angel from Heaven, wise beyond her years, and an inspiration for humanity. Having more than twenty years of personal experience in the field of human development, Bonnie has touched the lives of tens of thousands through business leadership and transformational coaching. Bonnie is the co-author of Amazon’s #1 best-selling book, Learn to Speak Kid, a widely sought after transformational coach, and C.O.O. of Creating Champions For Life LLC and CCFL ministries.

Thomas Liotta is best known for fixing disruptive children as hundreds of frustrated moms sought him out, asking, “Can you please fix my kid?” Thomas has helped thousands of children and hundreds of families transform chaotic, disrespectful and disobedient kids into respectful, cooperative and independent kids. Thomas holds two child development degrees, has developed an award winning after-school program and is the creator of the Creating Champions For Life child rearing philosophy. 

Bonnie and Thomas have combined their life and work experience to bring to life Bonnie’s dream of helping all children discover their greatness by the time they’re twelve years old

When she met Thomas, Bonnie’s dream of helping children see their own inner genius and greatness by the time they’re twelve years old seemed to be a useless endeavor. 

Bonnie didn’t know the blessings that would come from being a single mom raising four children, three who’d been diagnosed with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), with her youngest also diagnosed with ODD (oppositional defiant disorder). Bonnie was living inside her own personal and secret nightmare. 

Bonnie was extremely successful after transforming herself from a victim-oriented thinker to an incredible, record breaking business leader. 

From the age of twenty-two, Bonnie’s dream has been to find a way to empower children to discover their true potential by the age of twelve. But, by the time her children were ages six to twelve, it was obvious they were not personally developed at all. The path of psychologists, therapists and medication was in progress. Bonnie was beginning, after six years of denial, to believe that her children really did require medication. 

By what can only be explained as the grace of God, Bonnie and Thomas were connected through various, miraculous circumstances in January of 2011. After months of watching Thomas interact with her children, Bonnie was amazed at the difference in engagement, effort, attitude and happiness they were exuding. 

After six months of engaging with and practicing Thomas’ special, empowering, positive and proactive way of thinking and talking with children and teenagers, Bonnie realized she was looking at a brand new parenting philosophy. 

She had literally hundreds of sticky notes all over her office with the world's most sought after information — how to raise happy, healthy, cooperative, respectful and grateful kids. 

Bonnie knew that if the sticky notes were organized correctly parenting would be reinvented, saving millions of children from a lifetime of drug addiction and worse...believing they have some sort of disorder. 

Bonnie’s children were no longer disruptive or defiant. In fact, they began to wake up in the morning to complete their tasks early — without even being asked. 

All of a sudden there was no need for nagging, yelling, punishment or harsh words. As hard as it may be for you to believe right now, there were no more arguments or power struggles with her kids either! 

Imagine what life can be like when the kids just listen the first time they’re asked. It would be so peaceful, wouldn’t it? 

Since Bonnie put Thomas’ methods into practice and could see the light at the end of the overwhelming tunnel, she feels that Thomas and she are being led by God to fulfill the purpose of helping you and parents and educators around the globe teach your children in the way He intended - with love, peace, happiness, laughter and harmony! 

Both Bonnie and Thomas have dedicated their lives to helping families like yours duplicate their unique and life changing master family plan. They’re becoming more and more known as the go-to experts for busy and frustrated families and educators seeking a better way to gain cooperation with disruptive children. 

Their clients extend to more than a hundred countries worldwide. Hundreds of testimonials have been volunteered on how taking a proactive approach with their kids has completely helped their children become confident, happy, helpful and grateful while they work together as a team!

Parents are loving life more as their children step into their champion selves. 

Bonnie and Thomas are loving their work as amazing parents like you begin to enjoy more laughter and fun with your kids. 

Bonnie and Thomas now spend their days transforming the lives of parents, educators and counselors around the globe from their humble home in Salmo, BC, Canada, with their two youngest incredible ADHD success stories, and three loving fur babies!
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More About Bonnie...
Bonnie Liotta with her little brother, James, in 1982
Like most, Bonnie was yelled at and consistently compared to her younger sibling throughout her childhood. As a result, she felt disempowered and worthless. 

Have you ever felt like that before?

Believing that her life had no value, Bonnie was left thinking there was no use even trying.

Horrific decisions were made as a teenager, including giving her baby up for adoption and sleeping under the stairs of an apartment building. 

Bonnie wanted her children to know how loved and cherished they were. She wanted them to have a better life.

Obviously, something needed to change so she read books — Supernanny, Nanny 911, and Barbara Coloroso were just a few well known parenting experts to capture her attention.

However, three of her children were diagnosed with ADHD, one with ADHD along with oppositional defiant disorder, by the time her oldest child was thirteen and her youngest was seven. 
"I was at a loss on how to help my ADHD children thrive, but I knew that medication was not the answer for us." 
~Bonnie Liotta~
More About Thomas...
Thomas Liotta grew up a strong willed, independent boy who was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age.

With a will to survive, he became an all-star baseball player, high school wrestling state champion, and 4th-degree black belt martial arts master instructor. 

Thomas would work directly with thousands of students as a baseball coach and martial arts school owner and instructor after making a definite decision to never use negative words like no, can't, don't, or any type of negative punishment techniques — with magical results.

Thomas developed an award winning program at his after school and all day summer camps called Creating Champions For Life that would, unknown to him at the time, change the future of parenting by bringing positive change to the world. 
Thomas Liotta with Master Rocky Abild in 2015
Magical Seeds from 1994
Creating Genius
The year 1994 was a powerful year. Bonnie read a book called Think and Grow Rich, & Thomas decided to do the opposite of anything negative to teach his martial arts students! 

Who knew that 20 years later these two seeds of thought would come together to create parenting genius??? 

Bonnie told her father that she would help all children discover their greatness by the time they were twelve years old. She spent the next twenty years studying and searching for the "how!"

Realizing how negative punishment, yelling and dictating was, Thomas decided to guide his students' behavior with proactive plans and positive language, rather than reward  and punishment — the results were magnificent.

He developed the exact phrases, words and strategies to create an environment that would inspire, motivate and empower his students to step out of their inner shell and into their personal genius. They were engaged in learning life skills like self-control, responsibility, self-discipline and a hundred other amazing virtues every parent would be proud of, with no yelling, nagging or harsh punishment.
Bonnie and Thomas Liotta recording Learn to Speak Kid
Bonnie getting ready to present in Florida, USA
Bonnie made a decision to find out how to help kids discover their own inner greatness by the time they were twelve years old. 

She felt like she had been lied to about her own potential. and she devoured personal development like a wolf devours its prey. In doing so, Bonnie developed the life skills to transform her life, and she did!

Bonnie has spoken on stages, helped her team win trophies, and broke records as a business leader. Through public speaking and teleconferences, she's touched the lives of tens of thousands, but has a desire to speak to millions!

What she saw was that she wasn't the only one who suffered from low self-esteem. About 90% of all of her clients required some sort of self-help before they could achieve any amount of success.
Bonnie spent over a decade as a success coach helping individuals wake up to their own potential. She would passionately share the story that you and I were born perfect but conditioned through teachings, from people who love us the most, into mediocrity.

Yet, her kids were being diagnosed with ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, anxiety, depression, and plain "brattiness."
The Connection
Bonnie and Thomas met on a cruise ship in January, 2011. 

After four months, Bonnie invited Thomas to join her to create a live workshop in Canada called Foundation For Life.

When Bonnie saw how Thomas interacted with her children, she began asking questions. Skeptical at first that she could actually learn anything outside of what she already studied, she saw something she had never seen before. Her kids were offering to help and asking how they could earn their next play date! 

Six months after exploring Thomas’ methods, Bonnie knew that she had to walk away from the business world. She had to help parents get their hands on a system that would truly work to bring authentic healing to their families. 

Her children and teenagers began to engage and to work with her as a team. Accomplishing tasks like a family camping trip, cleaning up the house, and taking care of errands became simple and fun. 

The transformation has been absolutely incredible!

Her children have become cooperative, loving, helpful, confident and grateful. 

They have all improved in school and have received letters releasing them from any diagnosis of ADHD or ODD. 
Amazing Life Changing Strategies
Thomas’ amazing strategies show astonishing positive results with children suffering from different behavior and mental disorders like ADHD, ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), anxiety, depression and F.A.S.  (fetal alcohol syndrome). 

Bonnie invested nearly twenty years of her life helping adults reprogram their minds for success. 

Success begins with reconditioning of the mind. 

Understanding that a negative approach will never create positive results, they have committed their lives to sharing this incredible philosophy until every family in the world at least hears the name Creating Champions For Life.