Your Family Deserves Peace and Happiness
If you're overwhelmed and don't know what to do, you're not alone and it's not your fault!
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Marta Leone, Chicago IL

My son's tantrums went on for hours. Today it lasted only 30 seconds. I'm so grateful for CCFL!
Bonnie Liotta
Author of Raising Healthy, Happy, Cooperative Kids & Learn to Speak Kid
I Know and Feel Your Pain
Just a few years ago, I was lost and hopeless as a mother. All I wanted was to give my children a great life. I wanted them to know how loved and special they were to me. 

After watching Supernanny, reading parenting books and searching for the best way to raise my children, I was confused. Nothing worked to get my kids to just listen to me.

They were being diagnosed with ADHD, ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), anxiety and depression. We were as far away from connected as possible and heading in the wrong direction. I had no idea how to help my children and was desperate for answers. 

Then came the day that changed my life! I met Thomas Liotta who introduced me to simple solutions — duplicatable principles— that engaged all 4 of my children, ages 6 - 13. I literally watched them transform before my eyes. 

I searched for anything similar to what he was teaching me and it didn't exist. It was so powerful and amazing that I've devoted the rest of my life to helping him save families. 

I can promise you with 100% certainty that you can positively transform your parenting life too. You and your children deserve to live in more peace, harmony and happiness! 
Simple Steps to Success

Step #1

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Step #2

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Step #3

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Susana Velles

Before CCFL. There was no peace in my house!!! You guys changed my life!

kimberly kerins lacouvee

Oprah needs to know about you guys!!! And your mission! This is absolutely life changing!!!

Honey Basha

YOU ARE “ANGELS FROM HEAVEN" You changed our lives! Thank you very much for your great efforts & magnificent teaching.

Bonnie & Thomas Liotta
50 years of combined experience in leading both adults and children through business leadership and Thomas' unique Martial Arts after-school program Creating Champions For Life. 
About Creating  Champions For Life
What makes CCFL unique is it is personal development applied to child-rearing, derived from 50 years of practical application working with both adults and children. 

It is a very positive and proactive approach to discipling children that really works to not only gain astonishing cooperation, but an obvious new zest and happiness for life. 

Follow our simple, proven path and discover empowering knowledge that you won't find anywhere else in the world. Knowledge that will help you unlock the door to the bright side, the positive side, the loving side of parenthood. 

We are the only ones on the planet who can guarantee that, if you follow our proven plan, your child will become cooperative, respectful, loving, helpful, grateful and confident 100% — no matter how bad things seem right now. 

Get Raising Healthy, Happy, Cooperative Kids and discover the hidden treasures that lie within your child's disruptive and defiant behavior today

After all, if you stay on the current path with your children, where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years from now? 
Don't pass us by and get caught in the never ending trap of therapy, Dr. appointments and frustration as a parent. Worst of all, don't let your child grow up believing there's something wrong with him or her. I promise, if your child could learn to walk, your child can learn self-control and focus. All you need is the correct knowledge. 
Where can we send your e-book?
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