Transform unruly, defiant child behavior 
into healthy, happy, COOPERATIVE kids.
Is it possible there's something you're unaware 
of when it comes to being a parent?
  •  Equip yourself with parenting and child-rearing tools that really work! 
  •  Learn effective strategies to get more cooperation with children and teenagers.
  •  Know the exact causes of defiant and disruptive behavior and exactly what to do to live with more peace, harmony and happiness with your children. 
  •  Learn the exact formula for respectful children who are responsible and practice self-control and self-discipline. 
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CCFL Success Stories
The family therapist and child psychologist were of little or no help compared to Thomas & Bonnie Liotta's books and courses. Thank you! 
- Terry Bottari, Mother of 1, CA USA -
Excellent course that is life changing. 
- Tammy Bir, Mother of 2 - 

I'm starting to see the whole picture of our family dynamic. The CCFL way is loving and also direct, not convoluted. It empowers all parties with lifelong learning. I'm thrilled! I have a 6 year old boy and would still take this course even if he was 17!  
- Wendy Snodgrass, Mother of 4, Spokane WA -

What a difference this course has made in our lives and with our two boys, 15 and 6.5 years old.

I come from a very academic background in Psychology — treating children, youth and families. I can honestly say that I challenged EVERYTHING that I have learned in school and practiced all these years. 

The language you have brought us is so simple and makes such a huge difference in the way a child responds. I am a 100% supporter of this philosophy and program. 
- Tania Atkin, Family Therapist and Mother of 2 - 
By far the most AMAZING, life changing, easy to follow book and program I have ever come across for parenting. This has truly inspired our life. I cannot express my gratitude enough! These parenting experts are the kid whisperers!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
- Tara Hoff, Widow, Mother of 1 -
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